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your roof


Rent your roof at IRISOLARIS and make a profit
your investment

Thanks to the emphyteutic lease , you remain the owner of the building that you make profitable by renting your roof:

  • IRISOLARIS is responsible for obtaining the building permit

  • You buy your building from one of our constructor partners

  • IRISOLARIS pays you an annual rent for the provision of the roof via an emphyteutic lease for a period of 30 years

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Our constructor partner carries out the construction of the building & IRISOLARIS takes care of the installation of the photovoltaic power plant :

  • Signing of the building estimate with our carpenter partner

  • You carry out the earthwork , the development of a 50m2 platform near the site.

  • Opening and closing of the trench necessary for the connection of the plant

Estimated time for
the finalization of the project:

12 months

Project timeline



Presentation of offers

and choice of solution

2 weeks


Project validation

Productivity and connection studies

Signing of the promise to lease

2 weeks


Project conception

Realization of the building permit

PC depot in town hall

Three weeks


Connection studies

Submission of the connection request

Obtaining the Purchase Price

Validation of connection conditions

4 months


Works and commissioning

Material selection and order

Execution of works

Commissioning of the plant

6 to 12 months


Planning authorization agreement

Instruction of building permit

Obtaining the order

Purge of building permit

3 months

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