Are you a Landowner or a Farmer on unoccupied land?


Make your surface available for the installation of a ground power plant and benefit from a guaranteed annual rent over the long term!

IRISOLARIS offers you recovery of
unexploited land

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You are a local authority or a private landowner holding a degraded non-building site (quarry, waste storage, airport area, orphans, polluted, heaps, retention basin, etc.) in exchange for the provision of your surfaces IRISOLARIS pays you a long-term rent.


From the feasibility study, from development funding to quality audits, IRISOLARIS supports you in the realization of your ground power plant project.

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You are a farmer , our power stations can be adapted to any specific need whether for a pastoral easement , a beekeeping easement , the cultivation of aromatic plants , orchards , vineyards ...


Our teams are at your disposal to find the suitable solution to your needs


Our ability to carry out installation work as quickly as possible is a real asset for the success of your ground power plant project, whether it is:


  • To protect your crops, trees, livestock,

  • To diversify your income,

  • To increase the profitability of your operation,


  • A partnership based on the signing of an emphyteutic lease for a minimum of 30 years

  • IRISOLARIS takes charge of the entire process (land research, development, construction, production and maintenance) at its expense

  • IRISOLARIS manages the entire financing of the photovoltaic power plant , at no cost to the owner. The power plant is amortized on the resale of electricity .

  • In return IRISOLARIS pays rent for the duration of the lease. This rent is calculated according to the sunshine of the site . At the end of operations and IRISOLARIS your application will proceed to the surrender of the ownership of the facility or guarantee the dismantling of the solar power plant at no cost to the owner.


In addition to the intrinsic advantages in terms of the environment, decentralization of energy systems and cost stability, the photovoltaic power plant creates economic spinoffs for local and regional authorities (IFER, CET, Property tax, etc.). A veritable economic development tool, this green electricity production unit values unused land and contributes to the fight against global warming . Ground installations are today the most capable of competing with the cost price of fossil or nuclear energy.